Happy Clients

Don't just take our word for it!

- Angela

"Wendy helped me close the loop on a goal I had for a while. I was able to trust her fully and enter the new year with a fun new space for my kiddos and have a fresh start. It felt great and Wendy was a joy to work with. Hassle free. I also thought she was creative and did a good job at keeping costs down. She was very responsive, thorough and I trusted her completely."

- Susan and Greg

"Thank you so much for coming here and working so hard to help us out! We love our organization! I’m really excited to have less clutter and better access to everything. Grateful for your thoughtfulness, expertise, and friendship. We are constantly joking that 'what would Wendy have us do…' This helps us in so many ways."

- Meghan

"Wendy did a great job with our pantry and kitchen. I knew it was a success when I came home and my son had put the groceries away with everything in the right place with no instruction needed."

- Eric

"I envisioned something like what you organized, but yours is FAR better than I came up with in my mind."

- Judy

"Wendy is pleasant to be around and has a gift for organizing in a well-ordered fashion to make life easier. She did a wonderful job with my laundry room organization!"

- Kelly

"Wendy was great to work with and was great at communicating her plans. She was also open to adjusting things as needed."

- John

"The apartment looks BEAUTIFUL and so perfectly organized. Thank you for your fabulous help!"

- Ami

"My bedroom looks amazing! I have so much more room and it's so much easier to find things I need! I had so many categories of things so the drawer dividers she brought and how she separated things help tremendously. She used my input to inform her decisions so that I would end up with a space that makes sense for me. Though I could have used her for a lot longer, she left me with some good guidance on how to finish up on my own."