Hi, I'm Wendy

Wendy Sauer

I have always been a natural at organizational systems and processes. With a husband and 3 teenage girls, I have discovered that these systems have led to an efficient, well-run household. Removing the stress and chaos of unorganized spaces brings an overall sense of peace to my home, while also giving us more time for the fun stuff. With these organizational systems and processes, I feel like I am giving my girls a valuable gift that they can pass down to their families.

I know that the biggest issue for people considering a home organizer is fear or embarrassment. At Organized by Wendy, I promise I will work with you to best meet your organizational needs while being both respectful and non-judgmental. The sense of peace that comes as you walk into your organized space is like wrapping yourself in a little hug every time.

While I am not organizing others, you can find me volunteering at a food pantry (LOVE playing grocery store and organizing the shelves), exploring hiking trails with new and old friends (including being a Sherpa for those who can’t hike themselves), checking out local breweries, learning more about Jesus, playing board games with my family (after twisting their arms), and obsessing daily to complete my 3 fitness rings on my Apple Watch.